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Antananarivo, MG
Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Legal framework:

The increasing growth of piracy off the coast of Somalia in the 2000s has made the international community more aware of the lack of co-operation of riparian states, but also of maritime industry players taking advantage of the circuit in the region of Somalia. West Africa, in the eradication of crime at sea. A ministerial meeting of Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean, with the support of the European Union, in 2010 initiated a regional strategy for ESA-IO on the fight against maritime piracy through the implementation of the Regional Maritime Safety Program (MASE Program). Result five in the program provides for the development of a regional mechanism for coordinating and exchanging maritime information through the creation of a Regional Maritime Information Fusion Center (RMIFC), hosted by Madagascar, following the example of the Interregional Center Coordination (CIC) in the Gulf of Guinea and the Information Fusion Center (IFC) Singapore.

The National Maritime Informations Fusion Center of Madagascar, which is the body hosting the Regional Maritime Information Fusion Center, is a Public Administrative Establishment governed by the Decree 2015-998 of the 23th June 2015, modified and completed by Decree 2016-1446 of 1st December 2016 creating, organizing and operating a maritime Informations Fusion Center. The RMIFC’s status are devoted in the articles 8 (new), articles 26 and following

As a structure resulting from a regional cooperation, the RMIFC is governed by the following instruments:

  • The Regional Agreement for Exchange and Sharing of Maritime Information (ESA-IO Countries)
  •  Maritime Information Sharing and Exchange Protocol (Non-ESA-IO Countries, ROs and IOs)
  • Host Agreement between the Malagasy State and the Indian Ocean Commission signed in 2016, 18 february.
  • Technical Arrangement (CRCO, National, Regional and International Centers)