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Antananarivo, MG
Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The legal framework for the implementation of the RMIFC is composed of the following legal instruments:

  1. The Regional Agreement for the Setting up of a Regional Maritime Information Exchange and Sharing Mechanism in the Western Indian Ocean region of April 29th, 2018 which establishes the RMIFC, governs its identity and the responsibilities of the States parties and partners as well as its organization and the processes for fusing, exchanging and sharing information;
  2. The Regional Agreement on the Coordination of Operations at Sea in the Western Indian Ocean of April 29th, 2018, establishing the Regional Centre of Operations Co-ordination (RCOC) in Seychelles and the interaction of this center with the RMIFC;
  3. The Host Agreement between the Republic of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Commission of 18 February 2018 related to the Madagascar’s hosting of the RMIFC;
  4. The Technical Arrangements for the exchange of maritime information between the RMIFC and  national, regional and international organizations and centers working on maritime safety and security, to govern the relationship between RMIFC and its potential partners wishing to integrate the network of the RMIFC.