On 6 July 2019 an oil spill occurred during a ship‐to‐ship offshore bunkering operation between the Anuket Jade and MV Chrsanthi S in Algoa Bay, Eastern cape, South Africa.
This incident has been classified as ‘Tier 1’, the lowest level, according to the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries. The oil spill (estimated at 200‐400 litres) occurred due to an overflowing tank of the receiving vessel MV Chrsanthi S, which is currently detained by Port Authorities.
As soon as the incident occurred
• The receiving vessel MV Chrsanthi S initiated the emergency response, and the Emergency Response Protocol was rapidly put into action on both vessels and by South Africa Marine Fuels (SAMF).
• As part of its emergency response, SA Marine Fuels followed agreed procedures to swiftly coordinate with the commercial oil spill response service provider to mitigate and contain the spread of the spill. The spill was successfully contained away from the coast.
• As per the agreed protocol, a joint Operating Committee to manage the operational response quickly came together comprised of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), the Port Authority, environmental representatives, the shipping agents and SAMF.
Incident response status as at Tuesday 9 July 2019, 12:00 pm
• The core operational response to the oil spill is complete, including the clean‐up.
• SAMSA has conducted a ‘fly‐over’ assessment and has reported no surface oil on the water.
• The beaches and islands continue being monitored by South Africa National Parks (SANParks) and the South Africa Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) is on standby.
• The Department of Environment, Forestry, and Fisheries is monitoring the situation.
• SAMSA will investigate the incident to determine the exact cause, assess the response and clean‐up operations, and provide recommendations to all parties involved. SA Marine Fuels is highly committed to the safety of its operations and responsibility to people and the environment. As a responsible actor and operator in the Bay, SAMF conducts and participates in regular drills and exercises together with local and regional stakeholders to prepare for incidents of varying severity, including incidents such as this.