Putting up a shark exclusion net every day and then taking it down again at night has to be one of the most unique jobs in the world. Shark Spotters Net Crew member Casey Bull says she enjoys her job because she knows she is keeping people safe from shark attacks.
“I enjoy what I do because I have always wanted to spend every day of my life on the beach,” she adds with a smile from popular Fish Hoek beach. The net is utilised from spring to the end of summer every year, with full time daily usage from November until March (weather permitting) and intermittently as needed for the rest of the time.
Spring and summer is when there is the greatest overlap of people and sharks in the ocean.
The shark exclusion net, first deployed in 2013, weighs around 500 kilograms and is 350 meters in length. The net is contoured and touches the floor of ocean. It varies in depth from one meter to six meters at its deepest point. Bull says she enjoys educating bathers about beach safety and is always willing to answer their questions about the shark exclusion net.
The project on Fish Hoek Beach supports ten employees from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. The team includes a skipper and nine net crew members.
The net crew deploys the net at around 8 am on a typical day.