A large herd of dugongs has been filmed swimming near Abu Dhabi’s Bu Tinah island.
About 40 dugongs can be seen at the surface of the water in the new video from the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, with a further 100 believed to swimming underneath.
The team recorded the gentle sea creatures near Khour al Bazem in the Marawah marine reserve, the world’s first Unesco-designated marine biosphere reserve, while they were on their way to Bu Tinah to tag green turtles. “It’s not unusual to see a large herd of dugongs in Abu Dhabi waters,” said Ibrahim Bugla, head of the marine assessment and monitoring sector for EAD. “But big groups like that are more common in the winter than in the summer. There haven’t been enough studies done until now as to why that is but it could be related to food, shelter from bad weather or reproduction.” (…)