Researchers have discovered one of the main habitats of flat cup coral in the Persian Gulf, ISNA news agency reported on Monday. Cynarina lacrymalis is a species of stony coral in the family Lobophylliidae. It is variously known as the flat cup coral, solitary cup coral, button coral, doughnut coral, or cat’s eye coral. It is found in the western Indo-Pacific Ocean and is sometimes kept in reef aquaria. Cynarina lacrymalis is a large, solitary coral with a single polyp nestling in a corallite, the stony cup it has secreted. It can grow to a diameter of 15 cm.
Abdolvahhab Maqsoudlou, a faculty member at Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science, explained that the habitat was discovered during explorations at the depth of 90 meters in western parts of Hormoz strait. (…)