A team of investigators from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was in Mauritius a few days ago. Composed of experts from the Independent Office for Audit and Investigation, this team carried out field audits to determine whether the Mauritian government complies with the conditions of the project “Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the Management of the Coastal Zone in the Republic of Mauritius”.
This project, funded for an amount exceeding Rs 160 million by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), is being implemented by the local UNDP office in collaboration with the government.
A few months ago, the Aret Kokin Nu Laplaz collective (AKNL) denounced what it calls “the seizure of the Mauritian coastline and the destruction of environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs)”, in contradiction with the conventions to which Mauritius is party in international bodies.
The allegations were serious enough for UNDP to send a team to Mauritius to see the situation first-hand. It is expected that this team will deliver its preliminary report, as well as its recommendations, by the end of October. These will be made public and submitted to UNDP Global Director Achim Steiner, who will decide on the implementation of the recommendations. (…)