The deep ocean around the Seychelles islands will be explored as part of a bigger expedition to study and better understand the Indian Ocean’s ecosystem. The mission led by Nekton Deep Ocean Research Institute is expected to take place in March.
According to the Seychelles’ permanent ambassador to the United Nations, Ronny Jumeau, such research is vital to helping the island nation understand its vast ocean territory, which spreads across 1.4 million square kilometres. “Seychelles aims to become a leader in the development of a ‘blue economy’ that draws on the resources of the ocean. The archipelago relies on fishing and tourism, but has lately also been exploring the possibility of extracting oil and gas from beneath the sea floor,” explained Jumeau. (…)
The news of the exploration was reported by ABC News on Thursday and Your Subsea News 10 days ago. (…) It was reported that the Nekton mission is to explore the Indian Ocean and document changes taking place beneath the waves that could affect 2.5 billion people in the surrounding region over the coming decades. (…)