Masirah Island, the Sultanate’s southeastern largest island, is rich in ecological diversity.
Abundance of fish varieties, crustaceans, molluscs and a variety of terrestrial, marine and bird species, make it one of the most important environmental and tourist sites in the Sultanate.
The island has the second largest gathering in the world and the largest gathering in the Indian Ocean of the Loggerhead Turtle where about 30 to 60 thousand turtles nest annually.
There are two more types of turtles, the Olive Turtle that put its eggs on the shores of Masirah Island in numbers up to 150 turtles annually, and the Hawksbill Turtle, which nestles on Masirah Island and the Dimaniyat Islands. Their gathering in the Sultanate is considered the largest in the world, with 500 to 1,500 eggs per year while the Green Turtle nestles on most of Masirah beaches, but in small numbers compared to its largest gathering at Ras Al Hadd. (…)