The Island Conservation Society (ICS), has raised concerns over waste being collected on the nation’s outer islands after a recent beach cleanup activity on the remote St. Francois Island. “This is very alarming and is posing a real threat to the oceans and islands of Seychelles,” said an official of the Island Conservation Society. Pep Nogués, a conservation officer of the not-for-profit organisation, said that “1.2 tonnes of marine debris, especially plastic waste, was removed from the beaches of the island.” St. Francois, which lies 400 kilometres southwest of Seychelles’ capital Victoria, is one of the two atolls in the Alphonse group. The Island Conservation Society has been actively attempting to reduce the impact of marine litter on the Alphonse Group for over 10 years since it was established as the first Conservation Centre for the Outer Islands of Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean. Nogués said that despite continuous efforts over the years the incidences of marine debris ending up on the shore of the islands have continued to rise. (…)