The latest observations of the new underwater volcano were published in the newspaper “Le Monde”. They inspire the scientific community. That’s something you’ve never seen before! On the other hand, the inhabitants of Mayotte may be concerned about the still unpredictable consequences of the phenomenon. We are dealing with “one of the two most important basaltic eruptions of the last five hundred years,” says Marc Chaussidon, director of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP), quoted by the newspaper “Le Monde”. There is only one other example known, in Iceland in the 18th century. According to Mr. Chaussidon, the Mahorai volcano has even greatly exceeded, in terms of magma volume, the Kilauea volcano located in Hawaii. It had produced about the same amount of lava, but in… 500 years, not in a few months like the one in Mayotte. The earthquakes and the gradual sinking of Mayotte would be linked to the fact that the island would be placed on a magmatic pocket, a lava reservoir, which would empty eastwards towards the volcano, via channels below the surface of the ocean floor; “a little like a tire that deflates” explains the newspaper “Le Monde.