Many storms have been developing in recent days in the northern part of the Mozambique Channel. The Comoros archipelago is therefore constantly subjected to normal thunderstorm conditions in this hot and humid austral summer period.
Satellite imagery shows significant convective activity between the Comoros archipelago and northwest Madagascar. According to Météo France, this activity is an extension of the active cold front that currently concerns the Mascarenes.
The heavy showers that affected Mayotte at the beginning of the day are fading despite the presence of significant cloud cover. No vigilance is in progress on Perfume Island. Nevertheless, Météo France would like to remind you that caution should be exercised.
Heavy rainfall warning in Mauritius
As for the Mascarenes, a lull is underway in Reunion Island after the heavy rains of the night, and the good showers that affected the North of the island this morning. On the other hand, Mauritius is in full decline with the passage of the front directly on the island. A heavy rain warning has been in effect since 9:00 am.
Mauritius Meteorological Services warns that these showers could cause significant water accumulations in high-risk areas mainly in the west, south and Central Plateau.