source NSRI

At 09h23, Friday, 10th May, NSRI Richards Bay duty crew were placed on alert following a distress call from a Catamaran yacht, with 5 crew onboard, 3 males and 2 females, sailing from Richards Bay to Madagascar, 150 nautical miles from Richards Bay, reporting to be taking water from unknown causes. They confirmed that they had turned around, heading back towards Richards Bay, they were under motor power and water pumps were maintaining against an ingress of water but they could not identify the cause of the water intake. Fearing that rough sea conditions may cause a sudden change for the worse NSRI Richards Bay duty crew prepared to launch our sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF RICHARDS BAY, NSRI St Lucia were placed on alert and NSRI Durban helicopter rescue swimmers were placed on alert and MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) confirmed that an 15 Squadron SA Air Force Oryx helicopter would be available from Durban if required. (…)
At 01h26, Saturday, 11th May, it was confirmed that the Catamaran continued without any changes and by first light on Saturday morning, in improving sea conditions, the crew identified a hole in the hull and repairs were underway and although still taking water they were maintaining and had reduced water intake. (…). Temporary repairs continued to be conducted at sea reducing the intake of water and NSRI remained on alert and in contact with the casualty crew although at ease that they were out of any imminent danger or threat. (…)