source: NSRI

At 14h13, Sunday, 11th August, NSRI Jeffreys Bay duty crew were activated following reports of a yacht dismasted off-shore of Aston Bay, 1.5 nautical miles South of our sea rescue station and 1 nautical mile off-shore, with 4 people onboard and the yacht under her own motor power but facing a head on wind to return to the Port of St Francis at St Francis Bay. NSRI Jeffreys Bay coast watchers were alerted and under observation the yacht appeared to be at threat of gradually drifting towards rocks or drifting ashore in an onshore wind. The sea rescue craft Rescue 37 was launched and on arrival on the scene the 4 crew were found to be safe and the yacht mast had sunk and was not recovered. NSRI St Francis Bay were placed on alert.
A towline was rigged from our sea rescue craft and we towed the yacht safely to the Port of St Francis without incident and once safely moored no further assistance was required.