The deepwater Port of Ngqura, located in the Indian Ocean, on the east coast of South Africa – 20 km northeast of Port Elizabeth and midway between Durban and Cape Town to be exact – is the only port with green status in the entire South African port system. The port provides vital conduit to international markets. Owned and operated by the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), it is the only port in South Africa that has an environmental authorisation for its construction and operation. This is because “Ngqura is the only South African port that was subjected to environmental legislation during its entire development and will continue to be during its operation and future development”, said Mandilakhe Mdodana, environmental manager.
DPC asked Thulani Dubeko, acting port manager, since when the project has been in operation. “The concept of Ngqura as a green port has been in operation since the port’s inception.
The port had its operational launch in October 2009 when it welcomed its first commercial vessel but was officially opened by the president of the Republic of South Africa in 2013, while the administration building was opened in June 2017.”