Mauritius’ port area is emerging as the regional platform for bunkering or refuelling ships. This supply service is gaining ground in Port-Louis. In 2018, more than 800 vessels sailed through Mauritian waters to obtain fuel oil. The total volume delivered was 582,000 metric tonnes.
The national target is 2 million metric tons by 2020. Mandated by the government to develop this new pillar, the State Trading Corporation (STC) called on international consultants to develop the right strategy. They had a first exchange with the main actors during the week.
Pravind Jugnauth, in his 2019-2020 Budget, mentioned the tax exemption for income on low blast fuel. There is also the consolidation of storage facilities and the Mauritius Port Authority’s guaranteed authorization for ship to ship bunkering. The STC is preparing to take up this challenge. One of Mauritius’ cooperative advantages in bunkering is its strategic positioning in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the Indian Ocean. This route is used by 35,000 ships annually.