The recent and temporary vehicle access road to the barge in Grande Terre is transformed into an exit, so turn around in front of the forbidden direction, it’s because you missed the boat! To take the barge, you have to turn towards the amphidrome, but now take the track along the RN1. The exit of the barge is also done by the way along the covered market.
The part of the solid ground that was once used as a thrift store has been transformed into a 150-space car park open to the public, with entrances and exits to the north of the site, again on the side of the amphidrome. It’s already saturated. The old dirt car park is still under construction.
City” taxis and minute drop-offs must now be made via the access road to the barge. For each user, a dedicated channel. Once the passengers have boarded, the taxis take the escape route used by vehicles leaving the barge. Hopefully they are not blocked. All these people arrive on the access road to the amphidromes, which should not be a problem, as the schedules of both parties differ by a quarter of an hour. (…)