More than 2 dozen executives from Seychelles whose companies spend heavily on energy produced from imported fossil fuels have joined state officials to launch a project aimed at cutting their power bills by 30%.
30 company executives and engineers said they welcomed the European Union-funded drive to cut back on petroleum-base energy, adding that energy savings will boost their production and capacity to hire more workers.
The principal officer at the Seychelles Energy Commission, Cynthia Alexander, said on Friday that “the Indian Ocean Commission led project is to help identify a case study of how firms can save some of the electrical energy they spend on refrigeration and air conditioning.”
Alexander said that “consultants and technical experts will be recruited to carry out detailed mapping of refrigeration and air conditioning system for those selected companies,” an exercise which Alexander adds is “expensive and where it is quite a challenge to get skilled persons to undertake.”
“Saving that much energy will not only be good for the planet through conservation but also good for our businesses,” president of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oliver Bastienne told SNA. (…)