Emergency dredging of the access channel and manoeuvring basins at the central Mozambican port of Beira, which began 6 months ago, will end this week, according to a report in Wednesday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”. Budgeted at 24.9 million euros (30.1 million US dollars), the work is in the hands of the Dutch company Van Oord, assisted by the publicly owned Mozambican Dredging Company (EMODRAGA). The main goal of the dredging is to broaden the width of the 27-kilometre-long Beira access channel from 135 to 25 metres. The depth of the channel is now fixed at 8 metres for the straight stretches, and at 9.2 metres on the stretch known as the Macuti curve. According to Augusto Abudo, the Executive Director of the central division of the Mozambican ports and rail company (CFM-Centro), the dredging will allow ships of up to 60,000 tonnes to enter the port at any time of day or night. (…)