Two solar projects that will produce one and five megawatts of electricity are expected to be built on Romainville Island off the main island of Mahe, another step in Seychelles’ plan to have 25 percent of its energy be from renewable sources by 2030.
The chief executive of the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC), Philippe Morin, told SNA last week that with the first project a one-megawatt solar farm will be installed on the manmade island, which already has five wind turbines on.
“This is a government project implemented through a $3.4 million grant from the Indian government. The one-megawatt solar farm is only one component of the project. In addition to this, there will be smaller units installed all over Mahe. This will be on public buildings as well as on private homes,” explained Morin.
The chief executive said “in all, there will be 3 units of 100 kilowatts, 10 units of 30 kilowatts which will be installed on government buildings. The 100 units of 3 kilowatts will be put on private premises and who will be the beneficiaries will be decided by the Agency for Social Protection as families being targeted are the less fortunate ones.”
Morin said that experts from India are already in the country. Materials for the farm and other units are expected to arrive in the island nation by September. (…)