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Antananarivo, MG
Monday, January 18, 2021


Article 3 of the Regional Agreement for the Setting up of a Regional Maritime Information Exchange and Sharing Mechanism in the Western Indian Ocean ofApril 29th, 2018 defines the general and specific objectives of the RMIFC.

The general objective of the establishment of the RMIFC is the promotion of the culture of exchange and sharing of maritime information in Western Indian Ocean in respect of national sovereignty, territorial integrity and non-interference in the internal affairs of States Parties and in accordance with the legislations in force.

To this end, the specific objectives relating to the establishment of the RMIFC are to improve the regional maritime situational awareness, to monitor maritime activities in regional maritime space, to strengthen  capacities of  Member States of the region in the field of maritime information exchange and processing and to promote maritime information exchange between the RMIFC and national, regional and international centers as well as with the Regional Centre of Operations Co-ordination (RCOC) based in the Seychelles.

Hence, the RMIFC constitutes:

  • A tool for a maritime situational awareness;
  • A support tool to operational intervention;
  • A decision support and projection tool;

• An interstate and inter-organizational exchange platform.