The ambition and projects set out in Vision 2030 to make Saudi Arabia a logistics and maritime hub necessitated the expansion and regulation of the maritime industry. The issuance of the first bespoke Maritime Law indicates the importance of the maritime sector to Saudi Arabia’s economy and development plans, and is a significant development in regulating the sector. In this article, we look at some of the key issues covered by the Maritime Law and what it means for Saudi and non-Saudi vessels.
In January 2019, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the Kingdom) introduced, for the first time, a bespoke Commercial Maritime Law (the Maritime Law) issued pursuant to Royal Decree No. M/33 dated 5 Rabi’ II 1440H (corresponding to 12 December 2018) and published it in the Official Gazette on Friday, 4 January 2019. The Maritime Law came into effect on 3 July 2019.
The Maritime Law applies to all Saudi Arabian flagged vessels and foreign vessels that call at the Kingdom’s ports and territorial waters. The Maritime Law does not however apply to warships and public vessels which have been allocated for non-commercial purposes. (…)