On Thursday 12 September, SAPMER made its facilities at the Port Ouest available to the fire brigade of SDIS 974 (Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours de La Réunion) for industrial risk control exercises. This partnership is a matter of course for the SAPMER security team as well as for the SDIS 974 management looking for different sites to provide its specialized training on risk management.
Simulation exercises:
It is 2pm on the docks of the West Port Fishing Dock this Thursday. In the vicinity of store 23 where SAPMER stores its fishing equipment and operates its own naval workshop, there is a certain boiling point but also a lot of concentration: a group of 11 trainee firefighters supervised by 2 trainers begin a training exercise in disaster management on an industrial site as part of their specialisation training. (…)