The historic port aconier, competing with Manu port, a subsidiary of the port manager MCG, is in a bad situation. A few days ago, the President of MCG sent a letter to its managers to study the terms of their departure from the port, based on the cancellation of the partnership agreement between them, validated by the TGI.
SMART officials had indicated that they could continue to work, but they were informed in the process that one of CMA CGM’s feeder vessels had been removed. This would increase the deficit, and 3.3 million debts cannot be covered, putting it in default.
The company employs 138 people, and a social plan has already been announced. It also refers to the “need to be able to access the public tools of which it is currently deprived”, due to the cancellation of the said partnership agreement by the same court.
SMART is therefore placed in receivership, “a credible prospect” for the court “in view of the know-how of the company and its employees, recently upgraded over the period 2015-2017”. The judgment therefore refers to an “observation period in order to carry out a diagnosis of the company and to recommend, if necessary, a recovery plan».