The Scattered Islands are once again at the heart of the news. These islands, composed of five Europa entities, Bassas da India, Juan de Nova, located south of Mayotte and on the other side, north and east of Madagascar, the Glorious and Tromelin islands. These island areas are strategic and have been the object of desire for four decades. Moreover, French sovereignty in the Mozambique Channel is a considerable asset for France’s involvement in the international affairs of the area, but also to take advantage of the natural resources of a maritime space covering an area of 623,000 km², twice the size of the maritime space of the Metropolis.
French sovereignty is contested in three ways. The Republic of Mauritius claims Tromelin Island and the Comoros, which claims Mayotte, is interested in the Glorious. Nevertheless, the main disputes have come from Madagascar since 1976. Indeed, the Republic of Madagascar had referred the matter to the United Nations (UN). The latter had adopted two non-binding resolutions, in 1979 and 1980, inviting France to enter into discussions with Madagascar. However, these have never been successful. It was only in 2016 that a joint commission was created on the initiative of François Hollande, but without achieving any results. (…)