The shortage of yellowfin tuna affecting Seychelles and the resulting job loss risk for the Indian Ocean Group’s Seychelles Indian Ocean Tuna (IOT) processing company is a complex issue, mainly caused by commercial factors. Last month, IOT confirmed to The Nation that nearly 300 of its employees were at risk of being fired, with the company facing a serious shortage of large stocks of yellowfin tuna. IOT CEO Nichol Elizabeth said in June that if this trend continues, about 300 “potential losses” working on its two production lines could be cut off from the plant’s payroll in July. Undercurrent understands that since then IOT has managed to secure the offer for a month or two. This delays the risk of the plant being laid off later this summer, while the supply of yellowfin (10-20 kilograms) remains insufficient to maintain the plant at its current level of 85,000 metric tonnes per year.