EU NAVFOR has just completed an important focused operation along the north-eastern coast of Somalia, interacting with local authorities in Puntland’s former piracy hotspots of Hurdiyo and Eyl. Between 12-16 October 2018, ships and aircraft from Spain, Italy and Germany joined staff from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) embarked on board the EU NAVFOR flagship ESPS Castilla, in a concentrated, multi-agency effort to deliver positive change to this troubled region. In addition, personnel from the civilian organization EUCAP-Somalia were embarked on board the warship in order to deepen the capacity-building mission’s relationship with local security actors. EU NAVFOR supported the implementation of a UNFAO project aimed to enhance the capacities of fishing communities in Puntland, Galmudug and Mogadishu. The EU-funded but FAO-implemented Coastal Communities Against Piracy (CCAP) project aims to provide training and support to artisanal fishermen along the coast of Somalia. The CCAP project is itself part of the EU Maritime Security Programme (MASE). During the course of the operation, EU NAVFOR assets facilitated access to villages along the Puntland coast and supported the training to local fishermen provided by UNFAO experts. Michael Savins, Head of the FAO-Somalia unit “Fish Consumption and Fleet Renewal” has been closely involved in the project designed to improve artisanal fishing capabilities. When asked about the operation, he said; “Working with EU NAVFOR to deliver this project to Somali communities has proven a great success and is the culmination of 4 years’ work. I’d like to thank the commitment and professionalism of our hosts on board ESPS Castilla, especially with such a challenging task”. (…)