Mauritius is likely to experience a possible shortage of fuel in the coming days following the Betamax showdown against the Mauritian state. The storage capacity of clean petroleum products in Mauritius being about 15 days and the journey time of Mangalore in Mauritius by seven days, it is clear that any delay in delivery could have effects on the local consumption. Unless digging and finding oil by then, panic and emergency meeting of forensic on this issue to avoid a crisis situation. Consequence of an alleged vendetta, the proven incompetence of the Lepep government is very expensive for Mauritian taxpayers. The Mauritian government, taking time to compensate Betamax for ending a 15-year contract for the transport of petroleum products from India unilaterally, the company seized the Indian justice last week. The STC, sentenced by the Singapore Arbitration Tribunal in a final executory order, paid Betamax $ 115 million – defending itself as a pretty devil – with no success – for not paying this sum. (…)