By sending elements of the Naval Forces, Madagascar actively participated in Exercise CUTLASS 2018 which was conducted in Victoria (Seychelles) from 30 January to 7 February 2018. 2 senior officers of the Malagasy Naval Forces were part of the command post team at the Maritime Operation Center. The Coastal Tug TROZONA with his visiting team, Malagasy naval forces, was the airborne and operational unit. Two naval officers were appointed along with others from Mauritius and Djibouti to form the public relations team. Crisis situation. A seminar was held for the general officers and during which an exercise on a crisis situation of strategic level was conducted. On the other hand, the Malagasy elements have practiced maritime interdiction operations and tactical evolutions with those of the other countries under the direction of the Maritime Operation Center (MOC). It should be noted that Cutlass Express, sponsored by the US Africa Command (AFRICACOM) and led by the United States Naval Forces, is designated to evaluate and improve the capacity of the State’s action at sea and also to promote security in the countries of the United States. East Africa. 17 countries participated.