Is it a competition to see who will take the biggest fish in his nets? The European Union (EU) and the World Bank have made it clear, through arguments in millions, their interest in fishing in the South West Indian Ocean region. The EU has concluded a new fisheries protocol with Mauritius this year. An agreement of Rs 150 million which extends until 2021. This envelope also takes into account the financial contribution of Rs 80 million and the contribution of the shipowners who will pay some Rs 48 million for the purchase of licenses. This new fishing protocol allows the EU to send its tuna seiners and longliners into Mauritian waters if these vessels are fishing in the Indian Ocean region. For Marjaana Sall, EU ambassador to the Republic of Mauritius, “this agreement contributes to developing the principles of responsible sustainable fishing in Mauritian waters in order to ensure the conservation of maritime resources and their ecosystems”. (…)