UAE has provided millions in dollars in aid to small island as Qatar’s Al-Jazeera criticizes Abu Dhabi for its role in Yemen.
(…) Today, Socotra is the center of a controversy that has grown out of the chaos of the Yemeni civil war. The United Arab Emirates has been investing in infrastructure and security on the island, and that has angered Qatar and allies of Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Socotra, the main island of the archipelago, is 130-km. (80-mi.) long and has 60,000 residents. Prior to 1967, it was part of a sultanate that was based on mainland Yemen and a British protectorate. In 1967, it became part of South Yemen and part of unified Yemen in 1990. It might have remained mostly known for exotic flora and fauna had it not been for the Yemeni civil war. In 2015, Saudi Arabia led an intervention alongside the United Arab Emirates to stop Houthi rebels from conquering part of Yemen, including the strategic port city of Aden. (…) The problem is that Yemen, north of Socotra, and Somalia to its west, are failed states, and both have problems with extremists gaining a foothold. (…)