A new training cycle in marine data processing continues this year for Malagasy and Kenyan technicians.

As an extension of the maritime data analysis training cycle that ended in October 2017, since February the CRIMARIO project has been embarking on a training cycle in maritime information data processing (MDP4), which has just been held in Mombasa, Kenya. from March 25 to April 7, 2018 and to which Malagasy technicians from the Regional Maritime  Fusion Center (RMIFC) and national partner departments participated.

The overall goal was to deepen data visualization tools by cleaning and selecting navigation data from Excel and SQL functions. The training, provided entirely in English was divided into two parts: Data Visualization and Data Analysis with each two (02) levels and provided by two engineer trainers, researchers from the University of Prague

The participants, including Kenyan technicians from the Department of Fisheries, Maritime Authority and Port Authority, and Malagasy, from the Secretary of State for the Sea (SEMer), the Regional Maritime Information Fusion Center (CRFIM) and the Maritime and Fluvial Port Authority have also been introduced to the use of QGIS, a free and open access geographic information system, in addition to the tools mentioned above. The training cycle is planned to continue in the same locality in June.