France and Seychelles are seeking to redevelop and renew military cooperation, the French commander of the armed forces of the South Indian Ocean Zone (FAZSOI) said Tuesday after meeting with President Danny Faure at State House. Eric Vidaud, who is on a four-day visit in the 115-island archipelago, said that discussions included the social ills affecting the Indian Ocean region and how France can offer its expertise. “I am thinking of drug trafficking and illegal fishing that is common for all islands in the region. We are working with the authorities to develop mutual training to protect the borders from these activities,” said Vidaud. (…) The discussion also touched on establishing a centre for coordination and surveillance of marine activities. “We want the centre to become operational as soon as possible. The centre will be able to designate a vessel in a shorter limit of time to counter any illegal activities in the Indian Ocean,” said Vidaud. (…)