Tanzania court has released 32 Kenyan fishermen who had been detained in the country for the past three weeks after paying a ransom of Tsh.400,000 which is equivalent to Ksh.18,000.
Other four Kenyan fishermen are however still detained in Tanzania after they failed to raise Ksh.18, 000 fine imposed by the same court. Migori county beach management unit chairman Mr. Odhiambo Adhanja said the released fishermen have already returned home and that they are still looking for money to release the other four fishermen still being held. Mr. Adhanja said the fishermen were charged before court in Musoma Tanzania for using outlawed fishing gears and trespassing into Tanzania water. The fishermen were arrested last month while they were on a fishing expedition in Lake Victoria. Following their arrest the Kenyan fishermen at Bamgot beach days later arrested sixteen Tanzania fishermen in a retaliation. The Tanzanian fishermen who spent a night in police custody were however released by Migori court. The prosecution of the Kenyans fishermen in Tanzania comes several months after six Kenyan fishermen were also charged for trespass and were released by Uganda court after paying a fine of Ksh.37, 000 each.