35. This is the number of cruise ship calls expected in 2019 at the Christian Decotter Terminal and the SSR quay. In addition to the usual ships, new ones will dock in Mauritius this year. Like Agean Odyssey, from the company Voyage ta Antiquity. The ship, which will wander at sea for one hundred and twenty-five days, will accost at Part-Lauis on February 24, before leaving the following day at 8 p.m. Agean Odyssey, which can carry more than four hundred passengers, will then head for South Africa and the West Coast to arrive in Mélaga in April.
Among other things, the Crystal Serenity, which began its journey in Las Angeles on January 13, will make landfall on February 28. He should leave the same jaur in the evening. Before heading to Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa. Another liner to stop over in Mauritius : the CMV Astar, from the British company Cruise & Maritime Voyages. The ship will leave Freemantle, Australia on March 10. And will anchor in Mauritius on March 19. The CMV Astar will make an African stopover in Landan Tilbury, England on April 22nd. He returns on March 13, 2020 for another stopover. (…)