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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Role and Missions of the RMIFC

The RMIFC’s role consists of the establishment of an advanced alert in case of existence or detection of potential or proven maritime risks in his area of general interest which lays from the Suez Canal to the cape of Good Hope and the western Indian Ocean in the west part of the longitude 076°.5 E.

In this regard, the RMIFC collects, analyzes and fuses maritimeinformation as well as establishes a maritime situational awareness (MSA) within this general area of interest for countries in the Eastern, Southern and Indian Ocean (ESA-IO) regi

The RMFRC was created to identify early maritime security and safety threats through cooperation in the sharing of maritime information with various stakeholders such as liaison officers (national and international), international organizations and / or regional and maritime industry players. It is a functional organization providing the tools of help, analysis and above all anticipation of situations that may threaten the region of ESA-OI. The objective being to be able to issue an alert in the event of a potential or proven maritime threat or threat in the ESA-OI region in time, the main tasks of the CRFIM are: Collect, merge and analyze maritime information Establish a Regional Maritime Awareness (MSC) and maintain a Recognized Maritime Image (IMR) Interact with the Regional Center for the Coordination of Maritime Operations (CRCOM) Produce reports and studies related to regional maritime safety and security and the marine domain in general

The thirteen (13) pillars of information managed by the CRFIM are:

1- Theft, armed robbery and piracy at sea

2- Maritime Terrorism

3- Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

4- Irregular migration and human trafficking by sea

5- Trafficking in arms, drugs and smuggling

6- Proliferation of weapons and security initiative

7- Maritime Incidents

8- natural mariitime event

9- Maritime Critical Infrastructures

10- Piacenza / Maritime Tourism

11– Marine environment

12- Maritime Cybercrime

13- Other

The CRFIM is therefore

– A marine Situational Awareness Tool

– An Operational Leadership Support Tool

– A decision support and projection tool

– A platform for interstate and inter-organizational exchanges