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Antananarivo, MG
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

RMIFC organization:

In the process of setting up the RMIFC, it is expected that the center will have a regional deliberative body known as the Regional Board of Directors or Regional Steering Committee but will be established by the countries of the AfOA- OI. For the moment, the National Focal Points of the MASE Program ensure the transitional role for this regional deliberative body.

The RMIFC also has an executive body called General Directorate, which is structured in two departments in charge of operations and techniques as well as administration and finance. Each country in the ESA-OI region is expected to be represented within the center by a Regional Liaison Officer (RLO) who will participate in the day-to-day operations of the center and act as an interface between the RMIFC and its country of origin. In the same way, non-ESA-IO countries as well as regional and international organizations wishing to take part to the process may be represented by International Liaison Officers (ILO) and Observers (OBS), who have the same statutes as the RLOs.