JMICC Pakistan

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency has successfully conducted an intelligence Based Anti-Smuggling Operation Off Makran Coast. PMSA intelligence sources had credible information that sea route will be used for smuggling of large quantity of illegal liquor. Based on this information, PMSA deployed its ship PMSS HINGOL to apprehend the illegal boat.

On 11 March 2019, PMSA HINGOL chased suspicious boat near Makran Coast and recovered illegal liquor. During the boarding of boat, approximately more than 65000 high quality liquor high quality liquor bottles and beer cans were seized. 07 x smugglers were also arrested from the boat. The international value of the apprehended liquor is approx. 400 Million (PKR). It is pertinent to mention that seized illegal liquor contain more than 50 international brands of Whisky, Wine, Jin and beer. This liquor seizure is the biggest in the history of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency.