THE CHAMPLAIN Navy ship, based in Reunion Island, detected a suspicious vessel during the night of Tuesday, April 16, 2019, while on a maritime surveillance mission off the coast of Tanzania, the prefecture said. The dhow type vessel did not answer the first questions. Under the control of the Commander of the Southern Indian Ocean Maritime Area, a flag investigation was authorized to determine the nationality of the vessel. In the absence of bridge documentation, a visit to the vessel was authorized. A few minutes later, the watch team at THE CHAMPLAIN bridge identified a buoy near the dhow. The team sent to the area then discovered several submerged bundles. Tests on board THE CHAMPLAIN confirmed the presence of heroin inside the bags for a total of approximately 240 kg. Pursuant to the Act of 15 July 1994 on the exercise by the State of its police powers at sea, the Prefect of La Réunion, in his capacity as Government Delegate for State action at sea, decided to destroy the seized drugs. The training and experience acquired by the crews of the French Navy have thus made it possible to deal a new blow to drug trafficking, which benefits the financing of mafia and terrorist networks.