For the fourth time, the Djibouti and Japanese coastguards done a joint exercise from the port of Djibouti to the international airport of Ambouli. It was to consolidate in this way the links of cooperation between the teams of two institutions and to test in full size the effectiveness of the devices provided for the transfer of pirates in the framework of the fight against maritime piracy. Both sides conducted a simulated transfer of life-size pirates. This was related to the transfer of two pirates arrested by Japanese military personnel and transported on board the Japanese self-defense vessels deployed in Djibouti from the waters of the Somalia. It is necessary to specify that the transfer was under a good escort of the Djiboutian coastguards.

Japanese coastguards

Another of their common priorities is to strengthen coordination capacities between Djiboutian and Japanese coastguard actions. And this, let us remember, by placing the respective units of the two institutions in realistic situations of arrest and transfer of the pirates with the logistic support of the FADJ air fleet, Based in Djibouti.