Source: MNG Maritime; paraphrased by EOS

St. Kitts & Nevis-flagged logistics vessel MNG Pembroke (PMSC Vessel Based Armoury) noticed a suspicious speedboat with 2 POB approaching from the west at 1330 LT in position 25:07N – 056:55E, 30nm east of Fujairah, Gulf of Oman. The boat was described as white with a blue canopy. Security team stood to and vessel sounded its horn. On the second blast of the MNG Pembroke’s horn, the speedboat banked and sped off with a CPA of 2 cables. At 1558hrs LT, the same suspicious boat was observed approaching from the south. The vessel’s horn was sounded again, but the approaching boat did not change its course. In accordance with RUF, the security team fired a flare into the air, at which point the boat increased speed, moved away and headed northbound.