Based in Morocco, Badr Idrissi of ATLAN Space created the FishGuard pilot, which aims to identify and reduce illegal fisheries in the Republic of Seychelles. FishGuard, a partnership between ATLAN Space, Grid-Arendal and Trygg Mat Tracking, strengthens fisheries enforcement by monitoring large marine areas using fully autonomous drones, guided by artificial intelligence and supported by expert analysis, to identify and tackle illegal, unreported, unregulated (IUU) fishing operations. FishGuard’s technical approach includes three steps: Detection, Identification and Intervention. For Detection of IUU Fishing vessels over large marine areas and beyond horizon, it uses short-range (40-100 kilometer) and long-range (250-700 kilometer) commercial drones, which can take-off from land or boats and are equipped with ATLAN Space artificial intelligence. The drones determine optimal flight paths autonomously, using all available data from Earth Observation, AIS and local fishers’ reports. The artificial intelligence allows the drones to understand what they are seeing using cognitive vision algorithms to detect suspect vessels.