Raids on three leading fish processing units in coastal Karnataka revealed huge tax evasion on Rs 195 crore of undisclosed income and led to seizure of Rs 88 lakh unaccounted cash, a senior tax official said on Monday. “Raids, searches and surveys of the fishing units resulted in unearthing of Rs 195 crore undisclosed income and seizure of Rs 88 lakh from them so far,” Income Tax Department Joint Director G. Ramesh told. The official, however, did not give a break-up of the undisclosed income or cash seized from the three units as investigation was underway and incriminatory documents of the last six years were being scrutinised. “The amounts are likely to go up as our officials plan to investigate all related parties and concerns, their bank transactions in India and overseas and investments made abroad without disclosing them,” asserted Ramesh. “The raids were conducted by 150 officers from Karnataka and Goa since February 8 on 20 premises and surveys in 23 premises of the units spread across six states, including Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh,” reiterated Ramesh. “The raids preceded discreet inquiries for over three months when our officials learnt about the modus operandi of various fish processing units. They also identified the whole chain, from raw fish suppliers to the end-users and swung into action on last Thursday,” said Ramesh. (…) “Inspection of seized documents showed that many agents and processing units splitting their income in the names of relatives, employees and fictitious entities in gross violation of the Income Tax Act,” added Ramesh. “We appeal to all such entities and persons to come forward and pay due taxes on their own to avoid raids, seizures, penal action, fine or penalty,” said the official.