The Beira Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries sector has just seized about 8 tons of juvenile fish and shrimp in Beira, quantities captured during the closed season in the waters of Dondo and Muanza. The prohibition of fish and others halieutics products extraction was decreed on 31 December 2017 and goes until 31 March this year. He noted that these quantities were caught by means of trawling by artisanal fishermen, which have not yet been found. It is to note that the vessel and the truck carrying the product will only be returned to the owners by paying the fines, which vary respectively between 100 and 300 thousand metical. “The vessel was carrying about 2.7 tons and was leaving Muanza to supply the Beira market, while the 5.2-ton truck had left the Dondo coast for Beira as well. The latter tried to make an escape, but was found in the Casa Partida zone “. The source explained that after eight working days (reserved for the payment of fines) the means will be converted in favor of the State according to the legal text. “What we really want to do is discourage this practice so that fishing is sustainable,” the source said. He said that the quantities seized are a sample that is of concern to the Fisheries sector and is also an indication that there is a total disregard for the prohibition notice, which may jeopardize the reproduction of large fisheries in the next fishing season. (…)