Showing how serious they are about the recent crackdown on illegal activities taking place on fishing vessels within its waters, Tanzanian authorities have issued fines of over €6 million to a fleet of 19 foreign-registered fishing vessels, which fled Tanzania without submitting to the required inspections. Weeks after a covert patrol by a coalition of Tanzanian law enforcement agencies, Fish-I Africa and Sea Shepherd crew on board the Sea Shepherd ship M / Y OCEAN WARRIOR resulted in the arrest of 3 fishing vessels, the Tanzanian Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries has levied fines totaling 19 billion Tanzanian Shillings (6,865,160 EUR) against 19 other fishing vessels. The 19 vessels belong to a fleet of 24 long-line fishing boats, which, although licensed to fish in Tanzanian waters, departed Tanzanian waters as soon as news spread that at-sea inspections, were taking place. Early boardings and inspections revealed that at least two of the 24 fishing vessels were carrying cargoes of shark fins that far exceeded the carcasses on board. Under Tanzanian law, the number of shark fins must correspond to the number of trunks (bodies). (…)