After the setbacks of our compatriots who were planning to return to Mauritius on the MV Volendaam, here are 12 Mauritians this time stuck on the cruise ship Veendam of the Holland America company. One of these Mauritian employees appeals to the authorities: “I am one of those stuck on the next ship supposed to come to Mauritius on the 4th of June. We are still in Cape Town. We are 12 Mauritian onboard ship Veendam of Holland America. We have all our health report that proves we are healthy and not infected. I am asking this question, are we going to be allowed to dock after the lockdown finish on 1 June? It’s been 3 months since we finished and waiting to go home. If anybody can help us before our captain changes the direction and bring us to India in 20 days and then Indonesia in another 2 weeks means another month to go home and could be more if there is no flight for us there…” So the boat’s in Cape Town. Will these Mauritians be able to be flown back? Can their boat dock in the harbor of Port Louis? Nothing is less certain, an officer of the Foreign Office suggests. He explains that the authorities cannot, for the moment, offer any guarantee as to the date of their repatriation. “We have so many urgent cases all over the world. Some Mauritians are in real distress. These crew members are housed and fed and are subject to regular health checks, while others, and in greater numbers, are left to their own devices,” he said. These 12 Mauritians will therefore have to criss-cross the Indian Ocean and they will be back in the area in a little less than a month…